Energy Aspect Living is a South Australian family owned and operated business

Energy Aspect Living Director Danny Pauley and wife Donna considered what home they would build for themselves. 

The initial brief was easy, it needed to be:

  • designed and built considering the environment,
  • meet their changing lifestyle needs over time, and 
  • cost little to provide a comfortable living space year round. 

In essence, it needed to be energy efficient and sustainable. 

For Danny with trades in carpentry and horticulture and Donna with an environmental science background, this task was not so daunting.  However they soon recognised there were few builders who offered the service they would look for when building their own home.

Wanting to share their skills, knowledge and passion in building and environmental fields Danny and Donna thought what better way than to provide the same service and range of products to others that they would look for themselves.  Energy Aspect Living was born.

Today Energy Aspect Living is an award winning builder in energy efficient and sustainable construction and offers eco building solutions across Adelaide, the Adelaide Hills and surrounds for both new homes as well as renovations and additions.