Got plans to transform your existing home and looking for a builder?  
With plans for your renovation/addition prepared, it is important to find a builder who understands your needs and can create your new home just how you want it to be.

It is one thing to design a home to be energy efficient, but it is just as important that the builder you engage to create your home takes that extra care to make your home perform.

At Energy Aspect Living we take that extra care and provide an extra level of detail during all phases of construction.  We know that how we construct your home will impact how it will perform, and we focus on the fine details to ensure that your home will perform to its best.   We have been recognised with awards for doing just that as after all, that is how we would want our own home to be built.

Looking for a fixed price problem

We understand that your budget is important and we are happy to work to a fixed price contract so that you know exactly how much the build will cost, before construction begins.

We can work with your architect, or with you directly
We have experience in working with architects and building designers, as well as working directly with home owners in creating their new home.  

We thrive on the fact that each home we build is a one off design, we really wouldn't want it any other way. 

We can look at ways to renovate or extend your home while you continue to live in your home
Having to move out of your home for a renovation or addition is sometimes the only option, but we can look at how there may be ways to minimise the time you need to spend away from your home while building works are carried out.  

We employ numerous staff so that you see the same familiar faces each day; limiting the number of subcontractors.  This means you will get to know us, and we will get to know you, to make the renovation project an enjoyable experience rather than a disruptive one.

We welcome the opportunity to provide a quote to renovate or extend your home
We welcome the opportunity to view plans for your renovation/addition project, and meet to discuss and understand your project.  We offer to meet and provide a quote free of charge, with no obligation.  To book a time please contact us.

Need assistance to seek development approval?  
We can assist with documentation required to seek development approval, and respond to questions asked through the development assessment process.  Please contact us to discuss what is required and discover how we can help you.