It is one thing to design an energy efficient and sustainable home, the other is to find a builder who not only understands how to make your new home a reality, but understands why building an energy efficient and sustainable home is so important.  After all, this is how we want our own home built.

Just some of the ways we go that extra step to creating your new energy efficient and sustainable home are:

Sound planning and attention to detail

Great achievements are created from sound planning and meticulous attention to detail.   

Quality construction

Quality starts with attention to detail and using skilled trade people who know how to do the job right the first time. You will discover that our team will not rest when it comes to providing you with the very best in building quality. There’s just too much at risk if we don’t.

Local quality products

Each Energy Aspect Living home is crafted with quality products, locally sourced where possible to create a place that you will be proud to call home.

Minimal maintenance

Materials that stand the test of time, and that require minimal longer term maintenance means your new home will be easy to look after and leave you time to spend with family and friends.

The right materials

The construction of your home is carried out by using materials that have sustainable properties in their production, service and recycling processes. Many of these products are sourced from manufacturers who are keeping abreast of new technology or improved processes which are recognised by leading environmental associations. And most importantly, the use of these advanced materials add little, if any, cost to your home investment while the potential returns are long lasting.

Waste management

We aim to minimise waste and recycle all that we can to reduce the impact on the environment when constructing your home.

Complete service

For those looking at total sustainability with waste management and landscaping, you will discover the extensive in-depth industry knowledge that we will bring. Our natural resource and horticulturalist personnel are committed in providing an holistic approach to maximise sustainable living and improved lifestyle opportunities.

Contact us

Whether you have plans, or wanting some design ideas, contact Energy Aspect Living to discover how each home we build is the very best it can be for the family who will call it home and for the environment.