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Renewed Living @ Hawthorn

Discover how an existing home in Adelaide can be transformed to create an energy efficient living space for a growing family.  The owners, Kirsten and David, share their story on how living in a more energy efficient home has also encouraged them to live more sustainably.

Renovation for Renewed Living by Energy Aspect LivingRed brick renewed

“We really enjoyed living in the house during the renovation”  “We were able to ask (the builder, Energy Aspect Living) questions on a daily basis if something was being done that we didn’t understand…”

The original parts of the home – two bedrooms and the lounge were left large as they were.  Walking through to the back 

in the courtyards enters the house and acts as a form of passive cooling.there is a clear differentiation between old and new – old floorboards give way to 

Renovation addition for Renewed Living by Energy Aspect Living

tiles as you enter a linking glass hallway 

with courtyards on either side.  When low windows in the hallway are opened in summer, cool air from natural evaporation from vegetation and water sprays 

“We are proud we have achieved so much in our house and garden for not excessive amounts of money”

The passage continues down the 

Renovation addition for Renewed Living by Energy Aspect Living

middle of the extension and leads …into an expansive, open plan living dining and kitchen area.  Here there are large east and north-facing windows to let in winter sun, with external blinds and eaves providing shading in summer. 

“It’s a good feeling knowing that our footprint in being kept to a minimum in lots of different areas” 

“We love that our house ‘works’ to keep us comfortable in an easy, natural manner”

Sanctuary magazine by the Alternative Technology Association

The full Sanctuary article can be downloaded here.  

Energy Aspect Living can help you turn your existing house into a more energy efficient home.  Whether you are at the design stage, or have plans and are looking for quotes to build, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss your project.  Contact us today.

Sanctuary magazine is published by the Alternative Technology Association and can be purchased online or in newsagents.