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Solar Living @ Forreston

A home that reflects a love of the land and the environment

New home builder Adelaide Energy Aspect LivingNew home builder Adelaide Energy Aspect LivingNew home builder Adelaide Energy Aspect Living
New home builder Adelaide Energy Aspect LivingNew home builder Adelaide Energy Aspect Living 
With three generations on the land, John and his partner Theresa knew that any home they built on the Forreston property would need to reflect the family heritage and living in balance with the environment. More than set the home in the landscape, the home had to reduce the dependence on costly external energy and water supplies, match their rural lifestyle,  and leave a time capsule for future generations to enjoy.

John and Theresa knew that such an undertaking would require an extraordinary team, so they entrusted design to Energy Architecture and the build to South Australia’s foremost sustainable builder, Energy Aspect Living.

Energy Aspect Living worked closely with John and Theresa to ensure materials would reflect the rural setting and textures while offering good energy performance and cost effectiveness. 

Danny Pauley, Director Energy Aspect Living; “We were able to share our practical knowledge and experience of energy efficient and sustainable building, to assist John and Theresa to create a home that not only 
performs great, but looks great as well”. 

The home fits perfectly into its surroundings by clever arrangement of various sheet iron profiles on external walls and roof areas. The focal point is the magnificent redgum feature salvaged from the property that now stands tall to welcome visitors.

“We welcomed the opportunity to enhance the connection of the home to its owners; we believe it is important to build a home, not just a house and this is just one way we have been able to achieve this for
this home.”

With the family’s 1950’s home to be demolished to make way for the new family home, Energy Aspect Living transformed salvaged materials back into a new generation of timber floors, tapware, doors, hardwood beams, cabinets and timber benchtops. For John and his mother, Kath, incorporating these elements of the past into the new home that they will share was important, and will enable memories to be
handed down with future generations.

The efficient floor plan fits three bedrooms, two bathrooms and two living areas into just 180 square metres of building, each room with north and/or south windows to capture rural views, create a spacious feel and enhance energy efficient living.

“In energy efficient living, the size of the home is important. A large home will always be more costly and consume more energy; the key is to build a home that meets your living needs and this doesn’t mean it has to be large”.

With the home complete, John and Theresa are now completing the family journey by planning landscaping, having already planted native plants along a nearby watercourse and driveway before construction of the home started. Kath loves the warmth that enters the northern windows in winter, and the views these windows provide over a property she has seen her family grow up on, and has known as home for more than 60 years.