Solar Living 2º

With orientation and climate as the backbone to the design, Solar Living 2º designs take an additional step to consider not only the natural aspect of the land, but also the natural energy of the sun.

Solar Living 2º designs incorporate advanced design solutions to enable the warming benefits of the sun in winter, yet exclude it in summer.  The design may also integrate solar energy generation for power and hot water, and not just consider these elements to be an added on afterthought. 

Building materials are selected to maximise the benefits of natural cooling and heating offering comfortable all year round living standards while reducing costly energy usage.

Solar Living 2º uses the natural power of the sun to create a home that is not only energy efficient, but features technology to generate energy and hot water all year round.

Ideal for the home buyer wanting to play a more active role towards a healthier environment.

Photovoltaic Solar System for Solar Living by Energy Aspect Living
4.18kW Photovoltaic Cell system

Evacuated Tube Hot Water System