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What do house energy star ratings really mean for energy use?

posted 18 Dec 2016, 22:10 by Donna Bartsch
What do house energy star ratings mean?
The House Energy Star Rating provides a guide with regard to energy use to heat and cool your new home.

Each area lies within a designated climate zone, and a unique star band is set for each zone to allow fair comparisons of buildings despite extreme regional variability in weather conditions across Australia.  This chart shows the correlation between a Star Rating and energy use for new homes in Adelaide (Climate Zone 16).

Every star makes a difference when it comes to keeping your home comfortable year round.  The minimum star rating is 6 stars.  If you build a home that is 7 stars you will have 27% savings in your heating and cooling costs, and build an 8 star home you will achieve 52% saving.  These savings add up to extra dollars for living in the longer term.

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