Designing an energy efficient home

Designing your new home or renovation takes investment of both time and money…and to ensure you get the home of your dreams it is important the design meets both your needs and your budget. 

The following articles provide some insight into things to consider when designing your new home or renovation to make it energy efficient and sustainable.

There is also an article on things to consider when engaging a designer to help you through the design process.

Design and build to climate

When building an energy efficient home a primary consideration to take into account is the climate.  If we understand the climate and temperature variables, and design the home to take advantage of what nature provides us for free, we can create a home that provides us with comfort, passively.

Reading the stars of house energy rating

What does the house energy rating mean and why it is important to reach for the stars for your new home energy rating? Find out some answers to these and other frequently asked questions.  Read more...

Orientation, Orientation, Orientation

In the real estate market property it’s all about location, location, location. At Energy Aspect Living we consider a home to be all about orientation, orientation, orientation.   Read more...

Engaging a Designer

Renewed Living by Energy Aspect Living
Having decided to undertake a renovation of your existing home, or to build new, you may consider engaging someone to design and draft your new home layout.

There are a number of alternative designer services available in this regard;
  • architect
  • building designer or drafter
  • builder; who offers a building design and drafting service
With the design of your new home or renovation having a significant impact with regard to the environment that your home provides, and importantly the budget required to build it, the decision on who to engage to design and draft your home should not be taken lightly.  Read more...