Orientation, Orientation, Orientation

In the real estate property market it’s all about location, location, location.

At Energy Aspect Living we consider a home to be all about orientation, orientation, orientation.


The ideal orientation
for living areas
is within the range 15°W-20°E
of true or 'solar' north.

(20°W- 30°E of true north
is considered acceptable).



Because we believe the primary consideration when building your new home, or renovating your existing home, should be about how the home is designed to be as energy efficient as it can…and a major part comes down to orientation of the rooms and of the building.

It sounds straight forward, but often it is overlooked.

By orientating your home correctly you can take advantage of nature, and the movement of the sun. 

The sun travels lower in winter and higher in summer, so with good design, the structure of your home can help to let winter sun in for warmth, and keep summer sun out to keep the home cool.  Both are important to live in your home comfortably year round with minimal need for energy (heating or cooling) input.

When designing for orientation you will need to consider the surrounding features of where your home is to be built, or what exists around your existing home.  For example adjacent buildings and trees can shade your home for better or worse, and the design should take this into consideration.

So when looking at your next home, don’t just consider location, consider orientation as a first step toward energy efficient living.