We can all take steps to live carbon friendly

Take aside all the terminologies and number crunching; there are some easy steps we can all take toward living a more carbon friendly life. Decisions that we make each day can make a positive impact…and the great news is that we can all take steps forward, it can costs us little in terms of dollars, and we can each choose how big of a step to take. 

 Here are five simple steps:

When you have the opportunity to build or renovate, rather than investing in a large 1home, invest in a home that performs to provide year-round comfortable living with minimal energy input. The better your home performs, the lower your running costs and the more carbon friendly living can be.

When living in your home, invest in quality energy efficient appliances that will stand the test of time. Consider changing how many appliances you need and how much you use them.

The less we consume, the more carbon friendly our life can be. Be sure to consume what is needed, and not more. Consider spending time with family, rather spending on buying unnecessary stuff.

Shop local, by locally made products, and consume local fresh produce. The more local you buy, the less carbon is spent in transport.

Limit the use of a car and consider public transport, walking or cycling. And if the opportunity arises…consider investment in hybrid transport options.

sustainable living by Energy Aspect Living