Structural material options for your new home or renovation

There are a variety of options when it comes to structural elements of your home. 

...structural steel

Structural steel offers the ability to incorporate wide spans and curves into the building design.  Energy Aspect Living is experienced in building with structural steel as well as timber frame; and often the two are used together.  We have a workshop where we can prefabricate structural steel ready for erection on site.  Each home we build is unique, and we wouldn't want it any other way.  If your home uses structural steel we would welcome the opportunity to discuss your project.

...timber frame

Energy Aspect Living is experienced in building with timber frame, and has experience in using different types of timber including plantation pine, laminated beams, and Australian hardwood. With a number of carpenters in the Energy Aspect Living team, we can offer experience and advice when it comes to using timber to build your new home.

...rammed earth

A rammed earth wall provides natural warmth to any new home or extension and is often used for feature walls.  The thermal mass can assist in maintaining a comfortable living environment inside your new home and is therefore best used internally.

...natural stone

Natural stone is a material often used for feature walls, either internally or externally.  Where used externally a thermal break between the external stone and internal lining is important.

There are a range of different colours, textures and cuts available.  Energy Aspect Living has experience in using natural stone including basket range stone and natural field stone in both new homes and renovation projects.  

Natural stone is an alternative to rammed earth to provide thermal mass, and can therefore assist in maintaining a comfortable living environment inside your home.

...composite blocks or bricks

An example is Timbercrete® - a block made from recycled timber waste (local sawdust), sand and cement.  Locally manufactured in South Australia this block comes in various sizes and finishes.

...blocks or bricks

Blocks or bricks can be made from concrete or clay and are best installed as reverse brick veneer construction to put thermal mass inside your home.  If used outside a thermal break between the external brick and internal lining will be important.  

There are a range of colours and sizes available, as well as options with patterns and grout lines that influence the final look. Block or brick walls can also be rendered. 

Structural Steel and Timber Under Construction

Timber frame under construction

Rammed Earth feature wall

Natural Stone Under Construction

Timbercrete by Energy Aspect Living

Stone brick