No skips on site for new home build

At Energy Aspect Living we are very aware of the need to take the management of waste seriously, so seriously that we can build your new home without the need for a skip on site.

We do this through good planning to firstly avoid waste; we take accurate take-offs and efficiently use materials to reduce waste, and we reuse and recycle waste wherever possible.

We don’t consider waste to be the last item to manage at the end of the project; we manage waste daily.  This means we can keep a neat and tidy site that is safer for not only our staff and subcontractors, but the environment as well. 

And we don’t need a skip on site to do this.

Within our workshop base we actively sort waste ready for reuse, recycling or recovery.  Waste managed in this way includes:
  • Soft plastic
  • Hard plastic
  • Cardboard and paper
  • Timber (untreated)
  • Steel or metal
  • Expanded polystyrene

At Energy Aspect Living, we not only build homes that are energy efficient, we ensure that during construction the home is built to have minimal impact on the environment.  Actively managing waste is just one way we go about this.

builder recycles soft plastic Energy Aspect Living
Soft plastic sorted for recycling
builder recycles cardboard Energy Aspect Living
Cardboard sorted for recycling
builder recycles polystrene Energy Aspect Living
Expanded polystrene sorted for recycling