Experienced in building construction, but don’t have trade qualifications…

At Energy Aspect Living our team comprises non-trade and trade staff…the important factor is experience in building and construction. 

As a general builder, Energy Aspect Living builds homes from footings to the finishing touches, and to do this we need experienced staff with all round skills, knowledge and experience.  And this includes skilled and experienced non-trade staff, such as labourers.

Because each home we build is a one-off design, every day will bring a new range of challenges, as well as the opportunity to learn something new.  Working closely with trade staff will enable you to gain trade knowledge.

To create homes of the highest quality you will:

  • take pride in your work
  • communicate effectively with others
  • be a team player
  • be willing to diversify your skills 
  • share your experience and knowledge with others
  • be prepared to learn new skills from others
  • be prepared to compete all tasks involved in general building and construction
  • be physically fit
  • follow work health safety policies and procedures.