Product: Renewed Living
Location: Hawthorn
Year: 2009
Owners: Kirsten & Dave

Energy Aspect Living has recently finished building our new home for us. Right from the start, Danny and Donna, along with Dave and Jason, have made this process as stress-free as possible for us. Whenever something needing altering from the original plans, Danny always took it in his stride as though it was never a problem. We always felt we could communicate easily with them – which meant that if we had any issues, they were quickly and easily dealt with.

We could tell that they took pride in their work, whether it was putting a frame up or tiling, as it was always done to precision, and no short-cuts taken. Whenever something wasn’t clear on the plans, or their were issues with other tradespeople, Danny was always very clear that we should get what we want, and not just necessarily go with the easy option. Having said that, Danny also came up with ideas or different ways of doing things, that may have suited us better than what was actually on the plan.

It was always nice to know that we were working as a team with the same goal in mind, meaning that there have been very few, if any, issues with the final product. As we had an 18 month old daughter at the time, I really appreciated that they were always neat and tidy and I never heard foul language once. Certainly our daughter took a shine to them and still refers to ‘builder Danny’ and ‘builder Dave’ – probably because they would throw her into the air, tickle her and give her biscuits at lunch time! For what I suspect wasn’t the easiest house to build, they were always pleasant, easy to work with, and their singing to the radio has been missed.