Product: Renewed Living
Location: Kilburn
Year: 2011
Owners: Kate

Energy Aspect Living recently completed renovations for me. I got several quotes, but they were the first people to actually listen to what I wanted and provide practical suggestions. This first impression turned out to be a good sign of things to come.

It was by far the most painless renovation I have ever experienced. When the inevitable issues emerged, Danny and Donna had practical suggestions to overcome them. They communicated well, so that I always knew what was happening, and always kept my budget and goals in mind. Each decision I was able to explain my priorities, and the team would help me choose the most appropriate solutions. They were able to reuse some materials, and recycle others, so that there was little waste. They were extremely flexible, and I always felt that I could suggest something new or ask questions without creating more problems. It was such a relief to know that I could just call Donna and she would organise things without me needing to follow them up, especially when subcontractors were involved. The team cleaned up after themselves every day, and I was amazed at how little inconvenience there was, considering the back half of my house was being replaced! The team was, without exception, friendly and cheerful and a dream to work with.

I am beyond pleased with my renovations. I know that it was done properly and finished well. I cannot recommend Energy Aspect Living highly enough.