Product: Renewed Living
Location: Largs Bay
Year: 2014
Owner: Simon

I felt comfortable with Energy Aspect from the initial visit by Danny regarding a quote. This feeling of comfort continued throughout the process. I am fairly uneducated when it comes to building and it was important that Danny and Donna always treated me with great respect, even when it came to dealing with my dog, Bongo! The lines of communication were excellent and I was provided with the time and information necessary to make decisions on all aspects of the job. This information included costings, with the project coming within the original budget despite a number of variations.

The site was always left clean and allowed me to stay on site for the maximum time. I was impressed by Danny and Donna’s commitment to waste reduction and the consideration throughout to the environmental impact of the renovations. Danny ensured that high quality work was undertaken and that any concerns were addressed. I have a neighbour who is notoriously hard to impress when it comes to workmanship, but even he was high in his praise of the completed product.

Danny and Donna ensured that the renovations and additions to my property was a smooth process, and I was delighted with the finished product. They are proud of their work and I have no hesitation in recommending them as a high quality team.