Product: Renewed Living
Location: Lobethal
Year: 2011
Owners: Jan & David

We are delighted with a Studio at the bottom of our garden built by Energy Aspect Living.                

Danny and his team including Kym, Alex & Josh replaced our old converted tool shed being used as a small workroom with a light, airy, spacious Studio.

Danny suggested and carried out many improvements with Eco benefits, including raising the slab, improving drainage, enhancing the North face aspect by using a single pitched roof opening to the sun during the cooler months, while gaining ceiling height. In addition, appropriate insulation was installed, existing windows reused & positioned to benefit from the north face and the recycling of a glass insert door that added additional light and warmth from the sun.  

From the first meeting customer service was noticeably friendly and obliging with an attention to detail. Donna, Danny and the staff were pleasant and personable throughout the process.