Whilst the SA Government Construction Grants have ended...the principals of where to invest for long-term savings remains...

Investing your State Government building grant wisely, can save you money long-term

With SA Government grant funding available to build your first new home, you may be wondering where to best invest the grant to get the most benefit.

The answer is by investing in a home that will minimise your ongoing living expenses and help to save you money longer-term; and you can do this by building a home that is energy efficient. 

The simplest and cheapest way to cut your future living costs is to build a home that makes the most of what nature provides us for free, so you don’t need to use a heater or air conditioner to live comfortably in your home. 

So whilst you might be thinking the grant might be good to invest in solar (photovoltaic) system; we propose you could be far better off by investing the grant in a good home design, a design suited to you, your block of land, and your lifestyle now and into the future.

This will reduce your energy usage and your electricity bill.  And if you still want to invest in a solar system, the size of the system you need to install to offset your energy use is reduced, again saving you dollars.